Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4.5 months ♥

Dearest Livvy, baby of mine, newest love of my life...

Aye, where to begin?? Surely you've learned by now that your mother is not good with deadlines. We missed a whole month there, and almost half of this one. But you've grown so much and things are changing so fast, that I figured I'd better get some documentation done before it all just slips away. So here we go...

Since you were born, you've grown five inches and almost doubled in weight. That skinny little frame has grown into healthy, expressive cheeks and chunky, delicious thighs. Everyone agrees you're basically the cutest thing they've ever seen; I can't go into a store these days without someone stopping to admire you. Your daddy and I are simply beside ourselves, we can't believe such a beautiful little person came from us. The Master Craftsman does only good work, but in your case, we're especially captivated.

Our Livvy, the Heartbreaker. (Daddy better get a gun!) :)

Many things have changed since I wrote last: you can roll over, front-to-back and back-to-front, for starters. You choose to do so very rarely though, as being on your tummy still causes you a lot of grief, it seems. The doctor continues to be impressed, however, and says your development is ahead of the curve. We're admittedly not surprised. :)

Things have not been so easy as of late, though. As you become more aware of your surroundings, you become more difficult to satisfy. Like the more you look around, the more disappointed you become. I suppose this is something we all face as we age, if we're honest with ourselves. And in your case, as expected, it's resulting in many long, sleepless nights and many more tears. But don't lose hope, I trust that eventually we will come through this, stronger and better rested. In the meantime, my prayer is that we can all be more patient and love one another well. (You'll find I'm much kinder at 9 a.m. than I am at 3. We're working on that.) :)


But it's not all sleepless nights, either. The times you laugh and smile are so full of joy! Every day, it feels like our hearts may burst with delight, an explosion of colors and sparks, like the Fourth of July. Life has, in some ways, slowed down since you joined us. Although it seems like the days and weeks fly by, being with you every day forces one to notice every little part of every moment. As you figure things out and begin to put the pieces together, I have the opportunity to live it all with you, to experience the newness of it all, all over again. Suddenly I feel every breeze and every hot ray of sunshine. Suddenly every song seems more real and every new morning seems so fresh and bright. And I'm realizing, there's something about meeting another person's very basic needs makes us all a little more honest.

You're so small, and yet, you've changed us already in so many ways. Take my wardrobe, for example. Never did I imagine I'd so enjoy having a little girl to dress in ruffles and frills and bright, excited colors. But it's happened, and I'm thrilled, and suddenly I find myself picking out pieces for myself in the same bright hues. Suddenly I crave something bolder, more fearless, more unexpected.

Tiny and cute, indeed!

Baby, we've loved you so much, since you were just a secret. And now we're so, so grateful you're here, growing and changing and forcing us to do the same. Having you has been big and small and hard and joyful all at once, but always beautiful. Baby, you're our favorite adventure so far, and we can't wait to see what you throw at us next.