Monday, January 18, 2010

in other, less depressing, news...

while i've been busy losing my phone, unwittingly running it over with the car, fretting over the whereabouts of said phone and grieving its pathetic little state of being, i've also (quite thankfully) been fed, inspired and encouraged by the following (hope you enjoy!):

she's a G.D.B. (and that's why i luuuv her.)

had to forgo the delicious corn tortillas in the name of self-improvement, but this was remarkably tasty, nonetheless.

one of the more articulate and hopeful responses i've seen so far to that one earthquake everyone's been talking about.

i'm pretty tough, right?

found a new way to spruce up the old... (uh what's that room called again?) snore room. soon to be awesome room. will share pictures if i ever decide to commit to it. (here's a clue: don't hold your breath. )

and finally...

i don't know what i'd do if i didn't have these folks to kick my wide ass every day of the dang week. (actually, i do, and it may or may not involve obscene quantities of nacho cheese.)

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