Wednesday, February 17, 2010

in honor of Daniela

in Wisconsin, we suffer at the hands of a rather cruel annual weather pattern which causes unending fashion strife. putting together a wardrobe that is stylish, practical and versatile has become my holy grail, and is probably the source of my alert hunter-gatherer neuroses. (not that explaining this will relieve my poor hubs' distress.)

in the spirit of the new Wardrobe Refashion pledge i've recently taken (to officially start in a couple of weeks), i've begun building a make-believe wardrobe to keep shopping cravings at bay. because i simply cannot keep these brilliant discoveries to myself (or wear them out to show them off, duh) i'll share them here.

_ ___ _

i remember thinking my mom was a big mean dork for making me wear thick cable-knit tights under everything i wore from october through may. i'm only a wee bit embarassed to see she may have been onto something.

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Lily said...

haha cable knit tights are SPECTACULAR! Your mother was a GENIUS!