Sunday, March 14, 2010

10-minute jeans refashion!

minutes before leaving for our Colorado ski trip, I discovered I'd lost 20 pounds (you can see how this might catch a person off-guard, of course) and suddenly my everyday jeans sagged around my waist, causing me to perform what I like to call the Very Attractive Pants Hike Maneuver more frequently than anyone would've liked.

jeans refashion 002-2

jeans refashion 003-2

so naturally, I altered them to fit. in 10 minutes. no big deal.
actually, it was pretty easy. here's the Official Tutorial:

1. pinch the back of your waistband until the jeans fit comfortably, creating a V-shaped flap of excess fabric.
2. place a pin at each edge of the V and measure the width. then divide that measurement in 2. because you have two side seams, duh. that's the size of the pinch you'll take in on each hip.
3. turn jeans inside-out, pinch side seams and take in the required (previously guesstimated) amount, tapering your seam down until you near the top of that pesky little rivet everyone likes to put at the corner of the front pocket.
4. finish seams, turn jeans right-side-out, and look sooo good.

here's a poorly photographed example of what your finished seam should look like. (sort of.)

jeans refashion 006

check out the difference! (yes, i own two pairs of the same jeans in the same size. don't pretend you don't do this, too.)

jeans refashion 007


jeans refashion 005-2


Kelli said...

Found you thru WR. Grats on the weight loss and on refashioning your jeans! Denim is one thing I try to avoid doing because it makes my machine wet itself but I'd like to try it someday.

Erin said...

Erin, yesterday you save me $95(plus tax) and a giant chunk of my sanity. enormous thankyouseses.
I've linked.