Tuesday, September 21, 2010

guys, i totally made something!

if only you knew how little effort went into this project.

but anyhow, i'm always suffering harassment for not sharing things i've made, so i figured i'd post a few photos of a skirt i made recently, and how i wore it.

seriously, you have no idea how easy this was. in fact, cutting the skirt, piecing it together, and attaching the elastic waistband all together took less time than the hem alone. maybe because i insist on hand-sewing blind hems into every skirt i make. it's a thing i do, i can't help it.

i found the fabric at a thrift store, and was immediately smitten. its yummy floral pattern is perfect for this time of year and for the looks i've been loving lately. and then there was this fantastic, lightweight crinkly texture. bonus! i keep trying to think of other potential projects, but am a little afraid of being clothed entirely in this yummy, crinkly floral, and that eventually my usually unobservant coworkers might catch on.

i wore the skirt with an old, well-worn v-neck tee, one of many well-worn cardigans (it's FA-REEZING in my office) and my favorite taupey oxfords. i'm pretty sure i'm the only one who likes these shoes, but i'm always looking for clever ways to sneak them into my everyday looks.

i've also been recently inspired by a sort of blogging phenomenon called Wandering Wednesday. this day happened to be a Wednesday, so i snapped a quick photo to give it a little try. i'm hoping to be able to include more of these in the future...

this Wednesday was spent like a lot of my recent days: working, then hurrying home to soak up the last few hours of cool Autumn daylight. mmm... Fall. ♥

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