Monday, December 20, 2010

you may say i'm a dreamer. (most would say i've lost my mind.)

lately i've become fixated on the idea of commuting daily by bike. despite the fact that this would be incredibly impractical, considering my 15-mile one-way commute, i still spend far too much time studying the idea and thinking of ways i can somehow fuse this lifestyle with mine. after visiting in Munich this summer, i became obsessed, and even purchased a brandshinynew Electra Townie, named Cleo. cycling in the suburbs seems treacherous, but i'm determined to make a go of it someday. (even if Hubs does make fun of me and try to suggest new names for Cleo, like "Dusty.")

Cleo hates it.
meanwhile, my sister and i have had a running joke about  her car inevitably breaking down and her employing bike transportation out of pure necessity. i've been sending lots of winter biking tips for her, mined from the wisdom of cycling community sites like Bike Fancy and Simply Bike.

then today, she sent me this video. GUYS. THIS IS HARDCORE. that is all.


Michelle said...

You may be interested in following

My good friend from college that has never owned a car and bikes everywhere.

Cathy V said...

Mike sold his car 3 years ago and has been biking since. He only bikes about a 1/2 mile so not your commute but he likes it. That video is awesome!