Tuesday, February 8, 2011

pros and cons: double tights

it's a two-pairs-of-tights kind of day here in the single-digit Midwest. (AND WE LIKE IT THAT WAY. IT BUILDS CHARACTER.)

dressing for cold weather requires some practice, but to be honest, i appreciate the challenge. getting sick of winter already? consider today's topic: the implications of layering up on tights.

Photo via smittenbyliz.com

- double the layers equals double the time required to make a bathroom trip.
- forgetting you must sit like a lady.
- static cling.

- tights are awesome. therefore, double tights equals double awesome. (obv.)
- extreme warmth, without the bulk.
- cozy legs provide for greater wardrobe creativity and give warm-weather clothes a longer shelf life. ...er, wear life. whatever.
- feeling like a girl at the time of year when one might feel like a frumpy broken record of those same insulated boots and jeans, again.
- one more day you can put off laundering said jeans. again.

in conclusion, it's double tights—for the win!


in other news, it seems we've been doing a lot of winning here in Wisconsin lately. if you hadn't noticed.  ;)

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rolli said...

double tights all the way, baby! even in TX ^_^