Sunday, November 27, 2011

for my sweet beeb, part 1*

"I miss you," I said to you, already, yesterday. I startled a little, as I let that little whisper out. Miss you? How could I, when you're still so close? Maybe I had grown so used to your usual squirmings that I was not feeling as aware of your presence as usual. Maybe you were napping and I had something exciting to tell you. Or maybe, already, I was anticipating having to let you go, little by little every day.

I didn't expect to have to face the pain of parenting so soon. It's so strange, I began this process by carrying you, a little more each day, more and more as time went on. (I wish you could see how silly I look by now! All belly, with short little arms and legs.) The day you're born I'll already begin the process of carrying you less, little by little, each day that passes.

pretty sure i can no longer see my feet by now...

But all that is too much for me right now; I can tell I'm getting ahead of myself. Right now I just want to hold you. Right now I just want to be here, with little tiny pefect you, with your sweet Daddy, our tiny family just as small and new and hopeful as you are. I'm beginning to understand this motherhood thing, a little, when people try to describe how surreal it is for everything to be so strange, and yet so familiar, all at the same time. I feel like I know you already, but at the same time, I can't wait to know you, face to face. You're already so near, and still I can't help but want to be closer, to hold and squeeze you and cover you in kisses.

We're not ready for you to be here yet, there's so much to be done. But at the same time, we're so ready. So, so ready.

___ __ _

*this was actually written a couple of weeks ago, but i figured if i didn't start posting these things soon, i might lose them. or get too lazy to keep going. same with the photo, actually. somehow technology slows me down...


Caren said...

Very profound,Erin. You have such precious times ahead! I'd love to hold Chad and Amy as babies one more time. Cherish it even during the middle of the night :)

Kayla Bialik said...

This made me very happy for you two :]
Can't wait to see you soon!