Friday, May 4, 2012

2 Months ♥

My sweetest beeb,
You're 2 months old already! this post is a few days late, but you'll learn quickly that Mama could use work on self-imposed deadlines, birthdays and just about anything time-sensitive when it comes down to it. you're sleeping in your little swing right now (a rare occasion!) so I'm taking this tiny break to document how much you've grown. our little family has grown more lovely and amazing every day since you've arrived, and i want to try to wrap up these moments and keep them always. here is just a sampling of what our day-to-day is like, and how lovely you are and are becoming. you amaze us (and amuse us) more and more every day, and we love you so, so much.

my most beautiful baby. taken May 1st, 2012.

- we named you Olivia, but more often you answer to The 'Los (a derivative of Catlos, your name before you were born.) Others you answer to include Livvy, Liv (usually in the form of "sorry, Liv." when i run your car seat or stroller into door frames and the like), Losey 'Los, The Tiny Toast (also the Tiniest Toast), The Toasty 'Los, The Parcel Post and Catlos the Friendly Ghost.
- just a couple of weeks ago, you started laughing and smiling and cooing and breaking our hearts. we can't get enough of your huge gummy grins and enthusiastic wiggles and kicks. your favorite place to show off is the changing table. we have no idea why.
- at your appointment this week, the doctor was amazed at how beautiful, healthy and strong you are. your height, weight and head circumference are all now in the 50% percentile. you've been holding up your head and bearing weight on your legs from the start, which according to the doctor, is pretty impressive. (we're not surprised, we always knew you were ahead of the curve.)
- you're sleeping better and spending more quiet alert time these days, but you still don't like to be left alone for too long. occasionally you will nap long enough to let Mama get some laundry done or sew up some diaper doublers, but most of the day we spend attached at the hip. to be honest though, i couldn't think of a better sidekick, even if that does mean i have to put off a few chores or tasks.
- you LOVE music. sometimes in the evenings, you get bored and upset and the only thing that will calm you down is when your daddy turns on funk or soul and dances with you. (you are so obviously his daughter!) your favorites include Fiona Apple, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Basia Bulat, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, the Allman Brothers and anything with a decent bass.
- you're beginning to discover that you have hands. sometimes you seem to want to suck your thumb, but once you manage to get a hold of one fist, you don't seem to think it's very tasty. (we're okay with that, it's easier to take away a pacifier eventually.) :)
- you love to ride in the car and fall asleep nearly every time. this means you make a fantastic shopping buddy. (this also means we spend a lot of time at Target. no seriously, a LOT.)
- before you start to cry, you make the saddest, most perfect, heartbreaking frown. we basically die every time.
- you've outgrown most of your newborn clothes and are now mostly wearing 0-3 and 3 month sizes. we're so excited for the warm weather to get here (and stay) so we can dress you up in all your new pretty dresses!

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